Mayor Declares ‘Steve McClellan Day’ In Minneapolis

Whereas, Stephen Thomas McClellan — born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota — attended De LaSalle High School and The University of Minnesota, took a temporary job as a part time bartender at Uncle Sam’s to earn money for his college tuition; and Whereas, Stephen will be celebrating his 65th birthday and will be so honored by…


The Naked Songwriter – Phil Solem

Phil Solem is one half of The Rembrandts, the duo best known for the hit songs “Just The Way It Is, Baby” and “I’ll Be There For You”. Phil also has a rock trio called Thrush. Operating out of Minneapolis and Los Angeles, Phil writes and records solo material and music with Thrush, in addition…


The Naked Songwriter – Mayda

Born in South Korea, Mayda was adopted into a Twin Cities family that appreciated music but didn’t have the emotional connection to it that she did. She has gone onto become a staple in the Minneapolis music scene. Songs Played: “Lions” “HLLR” “All I Have” “A Walk In You” “Little Ginkgo”


The Naked Songwriter – Adam Levy

Adam Levy is one of the Twin Cities’ most ubiquitous and respected musicians. His band, The Honeydogs, flirted with the big time in the late ’90s and early ’00s — landing the radio hit “Miss You”. He also became a teacher at the Institute of Production and Recording (IPR) — a natural fit after years…


The Naked Songwriter – Molly Maher

Molly Maher is considered by some the reigning queen of the Twin Cities scene — she’s an incomparable singer and songwriter with compelling depth and soul, and has shared the stage with some of the best acts in the country, among them Los Lobos and John Hiatt. Songs Played: “3200 Miles” “Someday Somebody” “Merry Come…