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Posted by DEMO On 11/04/2007 05:37:00 PM
Artistic Goals

DEMO believes that the vast majority of today's most inspired music comes from the multitude of passionate, innovative, and hard-working independent musicians who are cultivating their own paths. With that in mind, the artistic goals for the organization as a whole are:

• To present a compelling and diverse mix of musical styles and genres. Musicians and music lovers alike deserve to be challenged by programming that bridges the gap, or blurs the line, between two (or more) communities or styles of music.

• To present musicians from a wide range of backgrounds and life experiences. DEMO values representing the diversity of our communities on the stage.

• To present musicians at every stage in their career. Pairing the emerging musicians with the re-emerging ones; the veterans with the newcomers; and the established with the unproven creates an environment where artistic inspiration and good social chemistry can flourish.

• To promote gender equity. By nurturing internal artistic confidence & by being respectful external business partners, DEMO helps break down the barriers & defy the stereotypes that prevent some female musicians from comfortably expressing themselves.

• To present showcases with a high production value: quality lighting, sound system, sound engineer, stage setup, and ambiance facilitate memorable artistic experiences.

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