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Posted by DEMO On 8/20/2008 03:10:00 AM
DEMO New Year's Day Showcase
by Andrea Swensson, City Pages (12.09)

DEMO Showcase Spotlights Up and Coming
by Kate Iverson, Secrets of the City (03.09)

Podcast with Steve McClellan & Mei Young
by David de Young & Pat O'Brien, HWTS? / Minneapoliscast (02.09)

The Impresario Returns
by Sarah Askari, MSP Magazine (08.08)

by Justin Schell, TC Daily Planet (08.08)

"Access to Art" TV Segment on DEMO
by Laura Stopyro, MTN: Minneapolis Television Network (11.07)

Lest We Forget "Clockin' the Jizz"
by Sarah Askari, City Pages (06.07)

DEMO: Twin Cities Musical Diversity
by Lindsay Wynne, The Metropolitan (11.06)

First Ave's 'Bootlegs' CD is a kick
by Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune (11.05)

First Avenue 35 Year Bootlegs CD Release Party
by Andrea Swensson, How Was The Show? (12.05)

PODCAST w/ Steve on Developing Musicians and Independence
by Garrick Van Burren, First Crack Podcast (12.05)

"Bootlegs" CD a kick for First Avenue fans
by Chris Roberts, MPR (12.05)

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