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Posted by DEMO On 11/05/2008 09:28:00 PM
DEMO showcases currently take place Wednesday through Saturday at the Wild Tymes, Tuesdays at Nick & Eddie, as well as on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at the Acadia Café in Minneapolis.

Please email Steve McClellan at if you are interested in performing at one of our events. Please try to have a date range in mind when contacting Steve, remembering that he is typically booking dates about six weeks out.

If this is your first time performing for us, please include ALL all of the following information: Your own name and the name of your group; what genre of music you play; which venue you would like to play at and when, as well as if you prefer an early or late time slot; if any of your band members are under 18 years old; your band's website and any relevant links; and an estimate of how many people you can realistically draw to the show. Please be honest! Having little-to-no draw will NOT disqualify you from being booked. We love emerging and/or traveling artists and only want to balance the line-ups.

After you've emailed Steve, please wait at least a week for a response before following up. He gets A LOT of mail and it takes some time to work through it all. When all of the artists on a night have been confirmed, we will send out a confirmation sheet that includes load-in times, set times, age restrictions, parking info, sound production details, the settlement procedure, contact info for the other bands, and all other important information about the show. Do NOT email us with these questions. PLEASE wait for the sheet and be sure to READ IT. The basic info for regular showcases (cover, start time) does not change. Visit our event calendar to get an idea of what to expect.

Lastly (and this should go with out saying), remember to be polite and informative when contacting any booking agent. Compose your letter in proper form, be conversational in your writing, and include all the relevant information that you think we need to know. NEVER send fragments that only say: "give us shows" or "what do you pay?" Those will be deleted and we'll remember to ignore you next time. Always call us by name, use complete sentences, and sign your own name at the end with your band name.

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