Saturdays In April: Tim Houlihan Residency

Join singer/songwriter Tim Houlihan as he leads a round-robin of artists telling stories and playing songs based around a different subject each Saturday in April from 7pm-9pm

/ $5-$10 suggested donations / seating is limited so please plan to arrive early!
/ The DEMO Center For Music is located at 3520 E 28th Street in Seward/Longfellow

April 2nd: Fools, Foolishness & Foolish Things
o   Sarah Morris (guest hostess)
o   Tony Sigfrinius
o   Joe Carey
o   Preston Gunderson

April 9th: A Curated Collection: Your Song & The Song That Inspired It
o   Brian Larson
o   Ben Glaros
o   Anna Marie Mitchell
o   Dave Dati

April 16th: Record Store Day – Bring Out The Vinyl in You
o   Carey Keavy
o   Elizabeth Ghandour
o   Jon James

April 23rd: Literature & Songs: How Do They Work Together?
o   Rachel Roberts
o   Courtney Yasmineh
o   Karen Folman

April 30th: The Rare Fifth Saturday in One Month: Songs in 5/4 (or with 5’s)
o   Andriana Lehr
o   Preston Gunderson
o   Matthew Hardy

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