The Naked Songwriter – MrDr

An intimate look at some of Minnesota’s most prominent musicians as they explain the stories behind their songs and shed light onto their songwriting process.
Songs Played:
0:30 – Summer In The Back Seat
4:08 – ??? You Gotta Roll With the Truth Now…You Got Me & I Got You
7:33 – Heart Breaks, Heart Attacks
12:40 – One More Chance
16:05 – What Do I Got To Lose
22:45 – Do You Miss Me?

DEMO is a Minnesota nonprofit organization devoted to the support, education, and promotion of independent musicians. Our goal is to showcase fresh, inspiring new talent from all cultures and musical genres throughout the Twin Cities.

Presented by DEMO
Producer: Ozzy Dahlstrom
Associate Producer: Ted Martin
Director, Editor, & Visual Artist: Corey Gagner
Camera Operator: Jamie Navarro
Sound Engineer: David Berg

Special thank you to Orfield Laboratories for allowing us to record in their facility!