The Naked Songwriter – Chris Koza

Chris Koza is a musician, composer and performer living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Influences range from finger-picking folk guitar to fuse-busting prog rock, though generally settles tastefully somewhere in-between. Koza’s storytelling and observations are thoughtfully navigated by melodies that both migrate through the seasons and burrow through the earth. Songs Played: “Handful of Glass”…

The Naked Songwriter – Martin Devaney

Martin Devaney has always embraced his local identity, literally dubbed the “Mayor of St. Paul” by friends and compatriots in the music scene. A classically trained musician with a jazz sax background, the accomplished singer-songwriter quickly became known for his poetic, yet unpretentious songs and inspired live performances. Songs Played: “Whiskey Kisses” “Guitar Pick Hot…

The Naked Songwriter – Brianna Lane

Brianna Lane is a gifted singer/songwriter in true Americana form. She writes and performs on an acoustic guitar as well as an ukulele, crafting songs that are clear-eyed and pure—with an integrity derived from her gritty, unflinching emotional honesty. Songs Played: “Company” “In My Bones” “Pancakes” “Real Love” “Oh Boston”

The Naked Songwriter – Gabe Douglas

Gabriel Douglas plays & writes music in The 4onthefloor (along with others). His music focuses on playing driving roots rock and stompin’ blues. Songs Played: “Junkie” “Great Escapes” “Lionhearted” “Some Days”